Cozumel 2

Day 3

Breakfast, ElCid Combinacion - $16 ( discount card works great)
Got scooters ($180) with ins & tip ...
Went to MEGA and bought essentials ... suncscreen batteries etc ... $77
Drinks and tips $17
Rode over to windward side of island and had lunch grilled garlic shrimp ... $38 w tip
Stopped at a roadside souvenir stand and John bought dick shaped pipe and Cohibas. =$25
(Judi was very friendly)
Ate leftovers and crashed.,

Cozumel 2

Day2 continues ...
6 Sol $20
Lunch -chicken & shrimp fajitas at La Chopa $40
Lazy day around the resort, swimming hot-tub and soaking up the sun.
Dinner Chicken Veranda & a bottle of wine @ La Veranda waiter obviously thought we were a gay couple.
Tips and cab ... $22

Cozumel 2

Day 1 - Here we are again ... this time i brought my brother for a week in paradise.
the flight down was upgraded to first class and was great ... except for the hour wait at MSP for the inevitable minor maintenance and de-icing
the connecting flight from CLT was fine too. thegate was all the way across the airport, so it was a bit of a hike, but not too bad..

Ate well... drank better... John got looped & won a free Dolphin swim excursion in a dance contest. way cool.
Total out of pocket expense for the day $200 flight upgrade, $10 beer, $40 dinner, $4 tips.

Day 2 - Free breakfast and a deal on 2 scooters for 3 days (ins not included) in exchange for listening to a timeshare up-sell.
Had to say no ...a lot... updating lj while having a beer. ... more later.

Cozumel - Day 3

Upgraded room from a studio to a 1 bedroom ... mucho bueno!!  went on a circle tour of the island, snorkling, lunch on the beach, Tequila museum, Mayan ruin and all done from a Dune Buggy. Updated blog.v Dinner at Guido's.  Took 285 pix ... pic posts coming soon ... 

Cozumel - Day 2

We (my friend Sarah who came for her big 40!!)  decided to have a mellow resort day .. no cruise ships means no pushy touristas .. everyone played resort bunny ... spent 90 minutes looking at the time share option ... some cool stuff there.  LAzy day not much to report ... pictures coming.